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          To be assured of timely processing, applications should be submitted as early in the fall as possible.

          In accordance with other independent schools in the area, 新人 will begin to notify applicants to Grades 1-12 of their admission decisions on 2020年2月13日. For Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the notification date is 2020年3月12日. 绿树 Early Childhood Village applicants will be notified at the 一月底,2020。

          We will continue to accept applications throughout the year; however, waiting pools are sometimes established 后 these first notification dates. Please feel free to call with any questions about timing or process.

          应用s for different grades will have slightly different processes. See below for details.


          • 绿树

            Questions? Please contact Admission Associate Missy Sutherlin at missysutherlin@newmanschool.org 或504.896.6344。

            *打开4 8月31日

            绿树 is currently at a wait pool status. All additional applications will be added to our wait pool.

          • Pre-K & K

            Child should be 4 by August 31, 2020 for Pre-K, and 5 by 8月31日, 2020 for K.

            • 应用 - $100 fee (non-refundable). This includes the application and a Developmental Screening scheduled by 新人.  
            • Teacher recommendation from current school. (Request will be sent by 新人. Release form required.)
            • 观察在目前的学校。
            • Children may be asked to visit 新人 for a morning/play date.
            To register for a Pre-K & K group tour, please 点击这里.

            Questions? Please contact Assistant Director of Pre-K/K Admission Arden Barnett at ardenbarnett@newmanschool.org 或504.896.6348。

          • 一至四年级

            • 应用 - $ 50的报考费(不退还)。  
            • 全天教室参观。
            • Teacher recommendation/transcripts from current school. (Request will be sent by 新人. Release form required.)
            • Admission testing scheduled by 新人 during classroom visit.
            • Intellectual Assessment administered by a child psychologist – see list of recommended psychologists. Fees vary.

          • 等级5-12

            • 应用 - $ 50的报考费(不退还)。  
            • Half-day school visit. (Please contact 新人 to schedule visit.)
            • Admission testing - Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). There will be a $125 fee payable to Educational Records Bureau at time of test registration. This fee is not to be paid to 新人 School. You may register online at: www.erblearn.org/parents/admission/isee, or you can register by mail with a registration form that will be provided at your request to 新人’s Admission Office, 504-896-6323. ISAS schools will share testing results at your request.
            • Students graduating from their current New Orleans ISAS school will not be required to take the ISEE. A writing sample and some additional academic assessments will be required.
            • Teacher recommendation/transcripts from current school. (Request will be sent by 新人. Release form required.)
            • Grades 6-12 – Applicant interview, writing sample, and academic assessments. (This will be scheduled by 新人 and the applicant family.)




          电话: 504.899.5641
          开放上午7时45分 - 下午4:30

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